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About us

Maria Montessori was born in Italy in 1870.  She was the first woman in Italy to graduate from the medical school and become a physician.  After a short experience in the medical field, she dedicated her work to pedagogy until her death in 1952. She is the creator of the Montessori Method.

The traditional approaches of pre-school institutions, where the transfer of knowledge is solely understood as a one-way process; teacher-to-child. Unlike that, the Montessori Method implies an approach directed to the child, where the teacher has a role of a facilitator or a consultant. It is based on individual approach to each child, with the aim to stimulate the processes of self-forming or self-education.

The Montessori approach provides spontaneous and expansive education, designed in a way for the child to move and work in a carefully prepared surrounding.  Through movement, the child comes into contact with objects, people and overall reality; it is, as such, being perceived and assumed.  This is, in fact, related to development of child’s intelligence.

Unlike traditional pre-school institutions in the city, the Educational and Pedagogic Institution Montessori IQ Corner provides safe and stimulating environment for learning, work in small groups, individual dedication by teachers, effective learning methods and flexible curriculum. As a result, this leads to child’s higher developmental achievements and intelligence.

The Montessori IQ Corner will offer the surrounding, which will stimulate development of your child, and teachers trained in Montessori method, who understand child’s development and have special competences to create the child’s learning in natural and spontaneous manner.

If you want to raise a self-confident and independent personality, then the Montessori IQ Corner is the solution!

Mission and Vision

The mission of the Private Pre-school Institution Montessori IQ Corner is to become an institution to raise children to be able to face the reality of our life today, using the Montessori method where “love is not a dependence, and discipline is not subordination”. 
The vision of a kindergarten is to become the centre of excellence for the Montessori method in Tuzla and Tuzla Canton, as an example of life in the wider community.
Your Montessori IQ Team!