Montessori Sport

Introducing a preschool child to different sports indicates the importance of daily physical activities in kindergarten, but also outside it. The program of sports activities in our kindergarten is aimed at encouraging the optimal development of children’s motor potential, satisfying the biological need for movement, promoting a healthy lifestyle, taking into account the overall well-being of the child (physical, emotional, social and educational).

For the healthy growth of your children, Montessori IQ organizes sports activities with the Delfin Sport School!

The Delfin sports school strives to make its training and sports activities as diverse as possible and adapt them to the age group of our children.
Children practice gross and fine motor skills during sports activities that take place three times a week throughout the entire pedagogical year by getting to know different sports disciplines.
Sports activities are organized inside the institution, on the outdoor playground, fields, as well as through visits to various organizations and institutions.