Salt Room Therapy

Salty multisensory room created as part of the Erasmus plus project First steps, as the first of its kind in a pre-school institution in Bosnia and Herzegovina! The combination of Romanian and Himalayan rock salt, as well as fine Adriatic salt, has proven to be ideal for little ones in European countries! Multisensory modern lamps and bases complete the complete stay of children, and make it fun! The Kindergarten’s Salty Multi-Sensory Room is designed for children’s comfort, filled with wooden bowls and age-appropriate play equipment, toys and books to keep them entertained during their 20-minute stay. The stay is safe for adults, children and even babies. The salt room is suitable for the improvement of the following conditions: Asthma Bronchitis / Chronic Bronchitis Nervousness, poor concentration, sleep disorders Unhealthy skin, acne, eczema Psoriasis Ear infection Sinusitis Cough Allergies (hay fever) and immunity COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) Atopic dermatitis Service of using Salt multi-sensory room is part of the regular price of a full-day or half-day stay for all our little ones, and we invite new users to join us! The number of places is limited! Visit us or write to us Phones: 035270356, 0603004668 (mobile) Address: Ismeta Mujezinovića bb 2b, 75000 Tuzla Email: